Why partner with Thrive in Work?

We believe that every employee deserves psychological safety at work

At Thrive in Work we believe in changing lives. Work can give us challenge, meaning and connection. It can be a place where we experience stress and psychological injury or a place where understanding and skilled managers can help nurture our mental health.

Many businesses are not aware of their exposure and obligations to their staff under WHS law. This quick survey will tell you if you have covered your risk.

Mental health can be complex,  and how best to create a great workplace can be confusing. We offer a free assessment for your business.

How Thrive in Work can help your business

Understand your current situation

Psychological risk assessment

Training, skilling and coaching workers and leaders

Why understanding mental health at work is important?

The psychosocial safety climate is one of the strongest indicators of a thriving business. It is also a precursor to WHS and HR risk.

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