Productivity Commission Report

After months of research and submission the draft report is in. 118 pages of findings and recommendations but how does this impact a business? This report crystalizes how imperative workplace mental health and safety is.


Creating mentally healthy workplaces potentially creates higher returns for businesses.

•    Psychological claims are 3 times more expensive and 3 times more time off required

•    Workers with poor mental health have
o    5% higher absenteeism
o    5-8% higher presenteeism
o    $13-17 Billion/year in cost to economy – 70-80% attributed to absenteeism
o    There are 3 MILLION in Australia


Employers should be provided advice of interventions that would likely be effective in protecting and improving the mental health of their employees.


Recommendation that workers compensation schemes should provide lower premiums for employers who implement workplace initiatives and programs.
•    Direct cost saving for employers who actively manage workplace safety

Return to work outcomes are improved through early identification and treatment of mental ill-health.


Explicit inclusion of mental health in workplace health and safety legislation and code of practice.
•    Workplace mental health and productivity would be improved by making psychological health and safety as important as physical health and safety in practice.

Actions for Business


Get advice on how to create a Wellness Program 
•    What does a good Workplace Mental Health and Safe environment look like for my business?
•    Based on your current situation ask yourself ‘What are you doing well? What needs work? How am I creating a safe workplace?’
•    Is my business compliant with the current WHS laws?


Create a plan with measurement and outcomes
•    What ways have I ensured that I am controlling my psychological hazards?
•    Do I have a return to work plan that considers mental health issues?


Put mental health first in decision-making.
•    Allocate adequate time and resources to your Wellness Program
•    Ensure best practise through HR and WHS functions are being implemented